Dr. Stelios Tsangarides of ADELVE a key Member in the Inception & Establishment of Cyprus Star School (Αστεροσχολείο Κύπρου)

It is with great honor and pride that ADELVE - Research, Innovation, Consulting & Trade Ltd is recognized though Dr. Stelios Tsangarides' scientific communal involvement. 


Dr. Stelios Tsangarides has been one of the key people in the inception and establishment of the " Star School" (Αστεροσχολείο- Κύπρου) the first school of its kind in Cyprus, the Eastern Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, dedicated to the study of Astrophysics."


Dr. Stelios Tsangarides has been the principal designer of the Star School Syllabus, which was promptly accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education. He has served as a key writer of the specific topics covered in all three levels of the school and is serving as one of the school's instructors. 


You can read about Dr. Stelios Tsangarides' involvement in the Cyprus Astronomy & Space Academy in one of his past interviews.

Follow this link:  https://www.offsite.com.cy/articles/eidiseis/topika/214211-stelios-tsaggaridis-enas-epistimonas-metraei-t-astra 




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