(NEW Offices !) ADELVE Embraces Business Driven Research & Technology with its new Corporate Offices.

When it comes to establishing a Brand and Scaling-Up, ADELVE shows the way with the acquisition of our new Corporate Offices under the ECASTICA multifaceted, ergonomic office spaces. 


ADELVE has signed an agreement with Ecastica Business Offices and will be moving to a multilayered office space in the center of the Limassol Corporate District. 


This will allow ADELVE to provide all the necessary resources and infrastructure to its collaboration network and embrace Innovation, Research and Business from a state of the art establishment. 


The offices will provide high tech technological infrastructure, Multiple Conference Rooms and 24/7 Business Access Service, within a newly rebuild workplace on the 4th floor of the Omega Business Center in Rega Fereou Street, 3095 Limassol.


Furthermore, the ECASTICA Office Network extends to 2 more Office Buildings with access rights to state of the art Conference rooms.  







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