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Business Driven Research

Technologies are ‘rules and ideas that direct the way goods and services are produced. Technological inventions are new rules and ideas about what to produce and how to do it.

Technological innovations result when new rules and ideas find practical use through being applied and/or commercialized by entrepreneurs.




ADELVE can provide the necessary resources and specialties in applying pragmatic business driven research, through the development of ideas and business prospects through a targeted ideation process. 

Today we live in a technological ‘age’ and global economy where competition has become knowledge-based. In modern theories of growth and development technological innovation has taken the centre stage. Our love for pragmatic Business Driven research is thus based on practical and theoretical foundations.

Moreover, ADELVE has identified the growing interest in the relationship between technological innovation (and entrepreneurship) and how it can promote global growth and development.


Entrepreneurs have always been seen as free spirits, heroic figures that defy existing way of thinking. They are "creative destruction" force that is always trying to find better way through innovation.

As we can see creativity has always been closely connected to innovation. Innovation is the process through which the entrepreneur converts market opportunities into workable, profitable, and marketable ideas. It is an application of something creative that has a significant impact on an organization, industry or society. Entrepreneurship is the continuing generation of Innovation in response to perceived opportunities in the business environment.

In this approach, entrepreneurship is therefore concerned with newness: new ideas, products, services or combinations of resources aimed at meeting the needs of consumers more efficiently. Innovation is important not just in entrepreneurship.

As individuals, we are innovators by adapting well to our needs and create our own solutions. Entrepreneurs are the same.

Innovation in entrepreneurship can help any country by changing with the times and producing new products and service from ones that already exists.

Innovation is “value” – the creation of value adding value to customer’s satisfaction- “delighting the customers.

And, being innovative can help us become successful in all our endeavors.

Elaboration is Based on the " Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship Development" , by Dr. Shailaja Kheni


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