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ADELVE participated in the invitation-only SCALE-UP seminar "Financing & Growth Strategi

On 17th of October ADELVE - Research, Innovation, Consulting & Trade Ltd, has participated in the invitation-only all day seminar regarding SCALE-UP- CY "Financing and Growth Strategies for Cyprus Startups". Philip Ammerman, a serial entrepreneur, investment advisor and consultant specialising in investment advisory and international business development, presented a captivating seminar which was focused on financing options, Business Modeling and Financial Planning. Pitching Techniques, Product Market Fit achievement process and scale-up methods.

Born in Athens, Greece, Philip has lived and worked in Athens, Greece; New York City; Paris France; and Dusseldorf Germany. Since starting his career, he has led or participated in over 170 projects, delivering over € 6 billion in invested resources, with projects taking place in 42 countries.

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