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ADELVE makes the "leap" as one of the main Consulting Partners and Collaborators - Astrotourism!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

When it comes to space, some "occupy it", while some others "define it". One of these people is, ADELVE's Co-founder and Director, Dr. Stelios Tsangarides.

We are pleased to announce our latest collaboration in the compilation of a very innovative and Business Driven Research Project proposal, regarding Astro-Tourism, under the Restart 2016-2020- Smart Growth Pillar.

The project is an amalgamation of Business Industry, Academic and Technical experts representing Research Institutes, Industry Leading Entities and Governmental Organizations.

The collaboration network consists of Rise Research Center on Interactive Media, The University of Chicago, The University of Nicosia Research Foundation, ADELVE - Research, Innovation, Consulting & Trade Ltd, 1010 Asteroskopeion, AKTI Research & Project Center, the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The Hosting Organisation is the Top Kinisis Travel Public Ltd and the proposed project proposal will be coordinated by Mrs Maria Vilanidou.

ADELVE will ultimately act as a Specialized Consulting Partner and Collaborator in the project phases that relate to Product Research & Development, throughout the work packages of the project proposal.

Astrotourism is an activity for travelers who want to use the skies to indulge into knowledge and leisure travels related to astronomy. This special-interest tourism is becoming popular worldwide in the last few years, providing added value to tourism destinations that offer high quality skies.

Cyprus has one of the clearest night skies as well as optimal geographical location in the world, offering great advantages for development. To achieve that, Cyprus, needs to focus on high levels of quality both in knowledge content and traveler experience.

The proposed project aims in using a professional approach in Astrotourism product research and development for Cyprus along with a high-end Astrotourism policy and governance.

The main objective of the proposed research project AstroTourism is to initiate a new section in the Cyprus tourism industry by increasing the number, the quality, the expenditure of the tourists and the number of local jobs in the periphery.

The overall goal is to conduct research that will focus on “beyond the state-of-the-art” innovation in the field of Astro Tourism leading Cyprus to be added on the map of the Astro Tourism “hot” destinations and creating the proper environment to host and offer astronomy experiences for both experts and enthusiasts at an entry level.

As ADELVE we are very excited to be included amongst a group of industry leader collaborators that aim to design and develop a new state-of-the-art norm in the Cyprus Space Tourism Ecosystem.

The project is funded by the Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus, under the Restart 2016-2020 Funding Program.

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