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INNOVATION UPDATE! Have you ever wondered what innovation in Biology Laboratory Research looks like?

Revolutionizing Biological Research is coming soon, near you! That’s what the EU and its Structural Funds believe! EFEVRE TECH is, already, well underway into addressing the critical and yet unfulfilled goal for automating mainstream experimental procedures.

Through the Restart Research 2016-2020 Programme an ambitious, but scientifically designed and approved Automated GEneral Laboratory (AMGEL) will reach the TRL levels of 7-8.

ADELVE, as a strategic collaborator, has visited the premises of the Biology Research Labs in the UCY and has witnessed Innovative automation in the making!

AMGEL will innovate the way health science studies are performed since it will:

  • Increase consistency due to reproducibility of experimental steps with robotic accuracy

  • Maximize efficiency by performing experiments simultaneously, around the clock and without mistakes

  • Generate results even in cases of shortage in resources

  • Save time for researchers, necessary for studying, conference attendance and publication of their results

  • Eliminate the waste of samples and reagents

  • Document with pictures and video the progress of each experiment in order to give the opportunity to correctly troubleshoot any unexpected outcomes (e.g. due to sample contamination, mispositioned reagent by users etc).

  • Harvest samples throughout the experimental procedure which could be used as quality controls to determine the efficiency of each experimental step. This task, even though is crucial for ensuring consistency of results, is very difficult to be performed manually due to time-constrains and the large number of samples needed to be collected in each single experiment.

ADELVE is actively participating in the design and implementation of proposed market research and feasibility studies, engulfing the European and Global ecosystem of Health Science Research Laboratories.

ADELVE's Business Driven Research and digital integrations will complement the fully blown R&D process of AMGEL and will open the road to acquiring its well deserved market share.

You can read more about AMGEL in EFEREVE TECH's website:

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