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NEW Funded Project ALERT! Proof of Concept. <Shipping Industry>

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

It has been a long and strange year so far, but Research & Innovation never stops! We are pleased to announce our new funded project under the Research Restart 2016-2020 Programme.

ADELVE has successfully achieved funding on its new innovative proposal regarding the shipping industry. Specialized and innovative tools are the essence for today's shipping services industry. Seeking optimization of resources and precision, specialized tools help ship owners minimize costs and maximize life expectancy in critical parts and sections of the engine.

Our new project revolves around a newly redesigned specialized tool in the shipping industry for the measurement of wear and deformation in 2-stroke liners ship engines.

Through a specialized team of industry, academia and business sectors experts, ADELVE will explore the proof of concept for a new redesigned Liner Wear Measurement 3D Scanning Device.

Following a series of well structured and designed proof of concept steps, the experts' team will complete a holistic series of relative reports and testings that will ultimately lead to the most optimized way of guidance towards the proposed product-tool's production and marketization.

The project has a six months life span and 36,000 euros budget.It is funded by the Research & Promotion Foundation of Cyprus.


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